This is about the Timeline about the stuff that happened in the AOK Universe prior to the show starting

Timeline [edit | edit source]

Late 1890s: Monkey Country is founded by the great monkey leaders

April 22, 1940: Hadley Anderson is born 

June 30, 1942 : Rosemary Anderson is born 

Mid 1940s: Mami and Papi are born  

Late 1940s: Mr. Hinkle is born

Late 1950s: Hadley Anderson meets Rosemary Anderson 

Early 1960s : Hadley Anderson and Rosemary Anderson get married  

Mid 1960s: Papi and Mami get married

July 15, 1972: Boris is born 

May 14, 1973 Doris is born

1974 or 75: Jim is born 

1977: Boris and Jim are caught sneaking into their grandparents house

1979: Susan is born 

September, 1984: Boris starts attending school at age 12  

1989: Doris falls in love with an escaped prisoner 

September, 1990: Boris attends State College and falls in love with Doris 

October 31, 1992: Boris and Doris smoke at a joint and get arrested.

April 22, 1993 Dora is born 

June 30, 1993 : Diego is born  

June, 1994: Boris and Doris graduate from State College 

October 29, 1994: Boris gets married to Doris

January, 1995: Jim and Susan get married

January 15, 1997: Doris is pregnant 

March 13, 1997: Boue is born

April 29, 1997: Boots is born  

August 22, 1997 : Arthur is born

September 15, 1997: Caillou is born

May 19, 1999: Rosie is born 

June 21, 1999: Sarah is born

Early 2000's Dora meets Diego

Either September or October, 2003: Caillou does a firework prank on Boris and accidentally has his hair burn off 

December 25, 2003: Everyone leaves Dora to spend time with their family for christmas expect for Boots making his parents die. 

2004: Caillou starts to fall in love with his sister in law Sarah 

2014: Caillou attendeds State College

2015: Sarah marries Caillou but eventually leaves him 2 weeks after the marriage

September, 2016: Rosie attends state college

June, 2018: Rosie becames the youngest graduate of state college and Caillou also graduates

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