Rosalina Katrina Anderson is the daughter of Boris and Doris Anderson and a and a key character in Caillou at 22. Rosie is the Anderson’s preteen aged daughter who spends most of her time in the anderson household she’s a sweet and very sensitive girl and the most caring person in the whole family Rosie like pretty much every girl her age is completely obsessed with boys and losing her virginity and would do just about anything in the prospect of getting laid which never happens. Rosie is incredibly active in her romantic life this is a source of comedy for many b plots in the series she's often vying for someones affection or attention and she is still pretty good in comparrison to other characters on the show 

Background[edit | edit source]

Rosie Katrina Anderson was born on October 12, 1995 to Boris and Doris and had a older brother named Caillou she used to rivals with Sarah and was against Caillou dating her eventually during his teen years she broke up with him after that Rosie attended State College and graduated high school in June, 2013.

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