Rosemary Anderson is the wife of Hadley Anderson the mother of Boris and the Grandmother of Caillou

Background[edit | edit source]

Rosemary Anderson was born in June 30, 1942 to unknown parents and at some point (possibly the 1960s) he married Hadley Anderson and gave birth to Boris in July 15, 1972 and his childhood he and Jim sneaked into his grandparents house and often got in trouble for that she and Hadley attended his son's wedding in October 29, 1994 and was in the same hospital where Doris gave birth to Caillou in January 19, 1997 and often visted his son's house when Caillou was a little kid.

A Very Caillou Thanksgiving[edit | edit source]

She and Hadley visited his son Boris for Thanksgiving and overhears Caillou calling himself a good boy which Rosemary Anderson agrees and makes mash potatoes with him  and during the thanksgiving party she watches Hadley Anderson beat up her son Boris.

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