Haxley is the main antagonist of A Very Caillou Thanksgiving He is the rude and arrogant dad of Boris and supports Caillou's Childish acts and behavior

Background[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Haxley was Born in 1932 in His Parents Farm and married Rosemary in 1958 and later Gave birth to Boris in December 11th 1972

And his Brother Jim as Kids Boris and Jim would sneak off their Grandparents Farm which would get them in Trouble their Parents and were often yelled about it.

A Very Caillou Thanksgiving[edit | edit source]

Haxley is Drinking with his son Boris until Caillou annoys Boris which makes him angry until Haxley tells him to relax then they prepare for The Turkey Then Caillou complains that he wants Pizza which his Grandparents agree until Boris comes and mockes them and acts like Caillou which makes him beat Boris

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