That's me!

—Caillou's catchphrase he uses when introducing himself.

Caillou David Anderson is the 22 year old son of Boris and Doris and older brother to Rosie. he's married to his long time on again off again girlfriend Sarah and later she keeps the Anderson's last name his middle name is David due to his birth

Background[edit | edit source]

Caillou was born on September 15, 1997 to Boris and Doris, his middle name is David, due to his birth during his childhood he often was spoiled but his parents thought he was a kid and he will change but that never happened. On October 12, 1995 his sister Rosie was born at first Caillou was Jealous of Rosie one time when he was 6 he burned his hair during a firecracker prank making him bald and his dad to hate him. Caillou is also known to be an outrageous beacon of double standards in his relationships with women he becomes uncontrollably violent if rejected even as a child when his crush suddenly fell in love with the new boy he severely injured many of his students and killed his pet hamster. he may seem kind but there is a lot about him that isn't quite as it should be despite now being married to Sarah he has dated quite a few interesting characters in the past, he hated high school and the coach used to throw balls at him, and always made fun of him.

Though he's now 22 he still lives with his mom and dad's house and calls his dad daddy and he does not have a job.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Rosemary[edit | edit source]

Rosemary is one of the only two adults who are oblivious of Caillou's manchild personality. She is Caillou's grandmother and she believes that Caillou is a good boy despite him acting the opposite.

Sarah[edit | edit source]

Sarah is Caillou's long time on again off again girlfriend and eventually his wife while married to Caillou Sarah has one weakness which is her crazy attraction to her father in law Boris despite this fact she wouldn't ever do anything to harm Caillou and this crush has been shown throughout the series. Sarah and Caillou remain married and reside with the Andersons. while Caillou has been with Sarah throughout the series he is shown to cheat on her quite frequently despite now being married to Sarah he has dated quite a few interesting characters in the past

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