Boris Anderson is the father of Caillou the wife of Doris and is  a Cranky Man who does not approve of Caillous's Childish Acts and His Behavior as well  

Boris is the main and title character in Caillou At 22 played by Nick Gligor  

Background[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Boris Anderson was born in July 15, 1972 to Rosemary and Hadley Anderson and had a cousin named Jim during his childhood  he was homeschooled a lot till he turned 12. during his teen years he was known to be bullied a lot and never made any friends

In September, 1990   He would attend State College where he  would meet Doris and eventually fall in love with her there they eventually become friends and were known to smoke a lot during class.

In Halloween of 1992, they went off campus and smoked at a joint and were eventually caught by the cops after they finished college in June, 1994  Boris would eventually propose to Doris.

In October 29, 1994 he would marry Doris and rent his own house with her and move out of his parents house though they would visit him sometimes.

In September 15, 1997 their son Caillou was born at first he spoiled Caillou just like Doris but then when Caillou was 6 years old He did a Firecracker prank on His dad causing Caillou to get Bald and His Dad to Hate him after on. there are even some displays in Boris's bits on the show which suggest he used to have have complex sexual feeling towards his daughter in law Sarah.

Cailou Goes on A Date[edit | edit source]

Caillou is telling his dad that he has a date but his Dad about it but His Dad looks like he does not Care later on Caillou tells his Dad his Date left him Causing his Dad to Mock him about it

Cailou Gets Laid[edit | edit source]

Caillou tells Daddy that he got another date and then he shows his Date Dora they take his Dad's Key's

Caillou Goes on Vacation[edit | edit source]

Boris is taking Doris for their 25th Anniversary but  Caillou wants to go to but his Dad Refuses causing Caillou to threaten him which he later agrees and takes him with him  Caillou arguing with a Guy in the Beach  Boris sees them fighting and joins in Caillou later puts sand in that Person's Eyes later on they see in a Hotel for the Night and he gives 

Boris gives Doris a ring, but a drunk Caillou interrupts them and throws up on his mom's ring. Afterward, the guy from the beach comes in and threatens to beat up Caillou as payback for throwing sand in his eye. In spite of Boris's suggestions, Caillou throws a butter knife at the guy's other eye and smiles about it.

A Very Caillou Thanksgiving[edit | edit source]

Boris is seen sitting in a couch with Grandpa who is his Dad where Caillou to do the Thanksgiving Thunderfoot which makes his Dad annoyed and tells him to Move and then Bowie Caillou's Cousin talks to Boris calling him Uncle Daddy which Boris says I also hates you and then they eat The Thanksgiving Meal Caillou says he wants Pizza hut his Dad says no but Grandpa tells him to say yes which Dad Refuses and mocks Caillou causing his Dad to Beat him up.

A Very Special Episode[edit | edit source]

He delivers pizza but Caillou takes it from him causing Boris for dreaming of killing Caillou and wakes up and yells at Doris and holds a gun in the end of video.

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